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A woman’s health needs evolve and change throughout the decades of her life. To meet a woman’s unique health needs, CHI St. Luke’s Health has developed convenient, comprehensive and high-quality services for every stage of life. CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital services range from wellness to preventive screenings to diagnosis and appropriate care, and highly specialized, high-technology care for complex conditions. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to women’s health, CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital has expertise in helping women understand their options when it comes to hormone-replacement therapy, gynecological and menopause-related issues, osteoporosis, cancer treatment, heart disease, incontinence and weight management.

CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital offers a full continuum of gynecological services. These include well-woman check-ups; treatment for urinary conditions; gynecological oncology; minimally invasive treatment for uterine fibroids; alternatives to hysterectomy; treatment of endometriosis; hormonal, menstrual and menopause therapies. CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital boasts a number of highly experienced and broadly recognized affiliated gynecologists who are skilled surgeons.

Our surgeons employ both open-incision surgical procedures as well as newer, more sophisticated laparoscopic and hysteroscopic. In fact, CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital is a leader in minimally invasive surgical alternatives to hysterectomy and other gynecologic procedures. Minimally-invasive surgical procedures for:

  • abnormal uterine bleeding
  • bladder suspension (incontinence)
    • tension-free transvaginal tape (TVT)
    • transobturator sling system
  • diagnosis of pelvic pain and treatment of chronic pelvic pain
  • endometrial ablation for excessive menstruation
  • gall bladder removal
  • hernia repair
  • hysterectomy
  • hysteroscopic sterilization without incisions or general anesthesia
  • hysteroscopic surgeries
    • excision of submucosal fibroids
    • polypectomies
    • sterilization
  • laparoscopic treatment of cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer
  • removal of ovarian cysts and tumors
  • removal of scar tissue
  • treatment for endometriosis to alleviate pain and preserve fertility
  • treatment of incontinence
  • treatment of overactive bladder
  • treatment of uterine or vaginal prolapse

Breast Care ImagingBreast Care Imaging
More than 180,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year, and one in eight women will have breast cancer during her lifetime. To ensure optimum breast health, women need to perform monthly breast self-exams (BSE) and receive regular diagnostic examinations.

CHI St. Luke's Health - Sugar Land Hospital now offers a 3-D digital mammography system, one of only 100 sites in the United States. It applies breast tomosynthesis, an advanced technology for radiologists to identify and characterize individual breast structures. During a tomosynthesis exam, multiple, low-dose images of the breast are acquired at different angles. These images are then used to produce a series of one-millimeter thick slices that can be viewed as a 3-D reconstruction of the breast.

The Breast Care Imaging Department is dedicated to providing all facets of quality diagnostic and therapeutic breast radiology. Services provided by skilled physicians and technicians include:

  • PinkRibbonFacilityLogoB
  • Sterotactic Biopsy
  • Screening and diagnostic mammography utilizing computer aided detection (CAD)
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Ultrasound guided cyst aspirations
  • Ductography
  • Ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Core biopsies
  • Breast MRI
  • Needle location


To make your experience at the Breast Care Imaging Department as efficient and as comfortable as possible, the following instructions should be helpful:

  • Be sure to bring your order form your physician has given you.
  • Be sure you are scheduled for your examination.
  • Please come about 20 minutes early for registration.  At this time, we will need to copy your driver’s license and insurance card as well as your physician’s order and have you sign paperwork.
  • Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder or body powder the day of your exam.
  • Do not wear unnecessary jewelry including large earrings or necklaces.
  • Bring or send any previous mammograms you have had at other facilities.
  • Bring address and fax numbers of any additional physicians to whom you want results sent.  This does not include the ordering physician.
  • If possible, wear a two-piece outfit.
  • If scheduling a screening study, you should not have any breast complaint or problem.  If you have developed a breast problem since scheduling your screening study, please call prior to your appointment so we can reschedule you for a diagnostic study.

Uterine FibroidsUterine Fibroids
Uterine fibroids are a common cause of heavy uterine bleeding and pain in reproductive-age women and the most prevalent benign gynecologic tumor. They are responsible for almost half of all hysterectomies performed annually in the United States. Traditionally, surgeons have treated fibroids through removal by open abdominal surgery – either by hysterectomy, in which the entire uterus is removed, or by myomectomy, where the uterus remains and only the fibroids are removed. 

St. Luke’s offers a multidisciplinary approach to provide the latest and most advanced treatment options for uterine fibroids, including minimally invasive surgical techniques and non-invasive radiologic procedures. MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY CHI St. Luke’s Health's highly experienced affiliated uterine fibroid treatmentgynecologists are skilled surgeons who employ both open-incision surgical procedures as well as newer, more sophisticated laparoscopic and hysteroscopic.

In fact, CHI St. Luke’s Health - Sugar Land Hospital is a recognized leader in such minimally invasive surgical alternatives for removal of uterine fibroids. These alternatives allow a woman to leave the hospital the same day of surgery and return to normal activities almost immediately.

UTERINE FIBROID EMBOLIZATION (UFE) Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a non-surgical and less invasive method for treating symptomatic fibroid tumors through interventional radiology.

Also known as uterine artery embolization, or UAE, this procedure cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids and has been performed safely and successfully in thousands of women worldwide since the 1990s. Compared to traditional fibroid surgery, UFE requires no general anesthesia, is less invasive with no surgical scars, and allows a quicker return to normal activities. Also, there is no evidence that fibroids will return.